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SOS-Button Bluetooth

"Patronus" SOS emergency call & key finder for the GPS BodyGuard® app (Android)
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With the original "Patronus" Bluetooth SOS button (BLE low energy) you can automatically notify your emergency contacts in conjunction with the app. The Bluetooth button can also be used as a “key finder”.

Actions: Instant SMS/Call, Delayed SMS/Call, Timer Reset, Vibration, Ring, Save Location, URL Call, Android "intent action string"
Trigger: Press button 1x, 2x or 3x, connection established, connection aborted

From Android 8.1
Range: max. approx. 20m (outdoors), up to approx. 10m indoors
Battery: CR2032 button cell, approx. 1 month lifespan (½ year according to manufacturer)
Colors: white, red
Size: approx. 5x3x1 cm
Certificates: CE, RoHS

(Without extra operating instructions!)

Customs tariff number: 8543709099
EAN / GTIN :4062588218624

Availability: ONLY in the European Union (EU)

*Attention!: The GPS-BodyGuard software and the associated SOS button are not a “medical product” according to §3 MPG. We do not guarantee that the software will function error-free or that your life will be protected

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