Help and operating instructions for individual functions


Before you can use the app, you must enter at least one emergency contact!
You can change the app's default settings via the settings. The default settings are optimised for standard operation.

The main screen is divided into three areas:

1. black icons: "Anti-Corona", nearby help and doctor's emergency call, evidence, emergency contacts, settings

2. red icons: Main functions of GPS-BodyGuard

3. grey icons: Direct call from public emergency numbers (police, fire brigade, emergency doctor) after consultation.

Active functions are indicated by green icons and in the status bar


The SOS app works according to the following principle:

If an alarm (main functions) is triggered manually or automatically, a screen appears to countdown (automatically) or send (manually) the emergency text message and email to the emergency contacts stored. The time for the countdown can be set in the options. The map displayed is used to check the coordinates determined. The screen does not appear if a notification is to be sent directly, e.g. if the power button is pressed three times as an optional trigger.

Emergency calls can also be made from the GPS-Bodyguard notifications via the status bar of your device (manual panic alarm). A "silent alarm" with a fixed 10-second delay is also available there. The app must be started for this.

Main functions:

  • Reaction test timer / sport mode (motion reset)
  • Radius (anti-kidnapping)
  • Dead man's switch
  • Reaction test schedule (medication or other)
  • Panic alarm (press button or switch-on button 3 times)
  • Battery alarm (when power supply is low)
  • Voice activation for panic alarm
  • Fall detection / car accident
  • Bluetooth emergency button in development

 Important safety information:

  • For security reasons, the app can only be terminated via the menu!
  • Protection against app termination by task manager & task killer apps.
  • GPS must be switched on for the localisation function! If GPS reception is disrupted, localisation is carried out automatically (somewhat less accurately) via WLAN or radio masts.
  • If GPS is switched off, the last known position is used.
  • The current coordinates are determined once a minute to save battery power.
  • The signal strength of the smartphone and GPS can optionally be monitored for sending text messages.
  • Also works in deep sleep mode (DeepSleep) of the device.

*Attention: This software is not a "medical device" according to §3 MPG. We do not guarantee the error-free function of the software or the protection of your life