Help and operating instructions for individual functions

The reaction test / timer checks once whether you can still react. After the timer has expired, a button is displayed as a reaction test. If this is not pressed within a specified time ("Send dialogue"), an SMS is automatically sent to the selected phone numbers.

Sports mode: The timer can be reset to the start value using the motion sensor in the smartphone. To reduce the power consumption of the device, the time between resets can be changed from 10 to 300 seconds via the settings. The default setting is every 10 seconds. An optional pre-alarm (vibration) reminds you of movement one minute before the timer expires. The sensitivity of the motion sensor can also be set via the options. This function has a high energy requirement.

Also works with our BT SOS button to reset the timer.

This allows you to monitor activities involving movement, such as sport or physical labour. If you do not move for longer than the set time, your emergency contacts will be notified automatically (with the option to cancel).

Attention: Test the sensitivity of the motion sensor beforehand! The pre-alarm with vibration may activate the motion sensor so that the actual alarm is not triggered.

The acceleration sensor on your device must be calibrated and switched on before first use.