Help and operating instructions for individual functions

Switch on the function using the button in the title bar. You can use the schedule to carry out a reaction test at a specific time. This is also suitable, for example, as a schedule for taking important medication. If you do not respond to the reaction test, the alarm messages are sent with a delay (see "Send dialogue").

  1. To set a new appointment for a reaction test, press the red "+" button.
  2. In the following dialogue, specify the details for the appointment: title, date, time, repeat (activate switch), repetition interval, period of repetition.
  3. Confirm your entry with the tick in the title bar or discard the entry with the bin.
  4. The appointment can be temporarily deactivated by clicking on the bell.
  5. You will now find your entry in the schedule overview.
  6. The button in the title bar of the overview deactivates all appointments
  7. You can delete an appointment by tapping and holding on the appointment and deleting the entry using the delete button.

Note: Repeating timers are executed inaccurately as Android has restrictions here.