Help and operating instructions for individual functions

You can use the panic alarm to notify your contacts in an emergency. To do this, press the red area. Before sending, a confirmation prompt ensures that the alarm is not triggered accidentally. Sending the emergency message can be cancelled within the time delay (see "Send dialogue").

Press the switch-on button 3/5x: Press the power button on your device 3/5x within 3 seconds to send a message directly to your emergency contacts (short timer with cancellation option). The screen must switch ON and OFF alternately 3/5 times !!! Switch on the function using the switch in the title bar. (Setting for 3 or 5 presses of the on button in the app options)

The device vibrates 3 times as feedback for successfully sent messages!


Cases for smartphones that automatically switch the screen on and off when opened can also activate the alarm if the screen switches on and off 3/5 times alternately.
It is possible that your device has already assigned other functions to the power button, such as voice assistants or other emergency calls.
Please deactivate these device functions before use.
Device options: "Advanced functions" -> "Function button" (no action / select assignment when pressed twice)
under "Security and emergency" -> switch off "Emergency SOS" (from Android itself)

(The settings may differ depending on the Android version and device model).