Help and operating instructions for individual functions

Switch on the function using the switch in the title bar. If you can no longer reach for your device, you can activate the panic alarm using voice recognition. Voice recognition triggers the panic alarm and notifies your emergency contacts (see "Send dialogue"). This works in the immediate vicinity of the device if there is no background noise.

Call out "(Hello) BODYGUARD" as a single word or in a sentence!

The "Hello" at the beginning can be useful to improve recognition.

Speech recognition takes a few seconds, especially for longer sentences!!!

Speech recognition works best when the Internet is switched on.

This function requires a lot of energy.


This function is currently in an experimental state. In some cases, speech recognition may stop after several hours.
Speech recognition may switch off media sounds during use so that voice activation can work better. In this context, the use of e.g. YouTube, music playback or games is also restricted.
In the options, you can set whether speech recognition takes place online or offline. Online recognition is better, but consumes a lot of data volume for the internet connection and the voice data is transmitted to the Google server.