Help and operating instructions for individual functions




You can use this function to search for help in your neighbourhood.

Firstly, a button for direct dialling (after consultation) of the "Ärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst Deutschland" is displayed. Here you can get immediate medical help. You can also change the number in the settings.

You will also find a selection of important institutions and doctors in your area.

  1. Click on the magnifying glass behind the corresponding search term.
  2. As a result, you will receive a map and the hits of the nearest points.
  3. Click on the "i" to obtain further details on the points.
  4. Click on the corresponding symbol to obtain a call, navigation or further details on the point.

The function also requires GPS to be switched on and an Internet connection.

All information is obtained from Google services and does not necessarily have to be correct. The search is carried out in the selected national language. If you use this function abroad, errors may therefore occur.