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Get help quickly & automatically worldwide on an emergency!


Recommended from Android version 8.1!

With the free "GPS BodyGuard" app, you can send calls (with hands-free function), text messages, emails and even faxes with GPS coordinates to public emergency numbers and selected private SOS emergency contacts or emergency call centres in an emergency and also fully automatically.

The practical Android app offers you many different functions for sending a call for help in an emergency. Not only can you send automatic messages with GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts or public emergency numbers. The app also recognises if you fall, stop moving during sport or have a car accident and can carry out a reaction test. An emergency call can also be triggered using the integrated voice control.

The basic function includes a panic alarm, which triggers an alarm by clicking the device switch-on button or the optional Bluetooth button three or five times. The alarm can be cancelled within a short time so that no false alarm is generated.

There is also an anti-kidnapping function and an alarm can be triggered automatically if the device leaves a defined area. A dead man's function is also integrated, as well as triggering when the battery is low (this function is also suitable for finding the device again).

Furthermore, the stored emergency contacts can carry out an active localisation with a simple phone call. They will then receive the location in a text message. To protect privacy, tracking can be cancelled at any time.

The app can also be operated from the lock screen without unlocking the smartphone and send a "silent alarm". Emergency information for first responders can also be stored on the lock screen, e.g. important health data, contact persons or living wills, etc.

Evidence can be preserved with the app using photos and videos. When you record a piece of evidence, a unique digital fingerprint of the media file is stored in an official "BlockChain" database with a timestamp of the transmission. This makes it possible to prove that the recorded files and their metadata are unchanged and were created at a specific time.

In addition, the app provides a map showing "nearby help" such as doctors, hospitals, THW, etc.


Important safety information:

The misuse of public emergency numbers (e.g. 110, 112) can be a criminal offence. Further information on public emergency numbers in various countries:

Further information on public emergency numbers...

  • Test the app with your own phone number!
  • Inform your emergency contacts in advance and clarify what to do in an emergency!
  • For security reasons, the app can only be closed via the menu!
  • Protection against app termination by Task Manager & Task Killer apps.
  • GPS must be switched on for the localisation function! If GPS reception is disrupted, localisation takes place (somewhat less accurately) automatically via WLAN or radio masts.
  • Switch on "precise localisation" for your device!
  • Activate the "emergency location" with ELS / AML technology!
  • Exclude the app from the "battery optimisation"!
  • If GPS is switched off, the last known position is used.
  • The current coordinates are determined every 10 seconds to once a minute (depending on the speed of movement) in order to save battery power.
  • The signal strength of the smartphone and GPS for sending text messages can be optionally monitored.
  • Also works when the device is in deep sleep mode.
  • If necessary, switch off other apps during use if they affect the functions.


*Attention!: This software is not a "medical device" according to §3 MPG (Germany). We do not guarantee the error-free function of the software or the protection of your life.