Help and operating instructions for individual functions

Activate the "Allow SMS on call" function (localisation for unanswered calls) using the button next to the heading. The switch changes colour from grey to red.

How it works:

If you are called by a contact from the list of emergency contacts and do not answer the call, an SMS with your coordinates is automatically sent to the respective contact (GPS tracking). To protect your privacy, the app does not use continuous GPS tracking, but only in the event of an unanswered call from a previously selected emergency contact. All other callers are ignored for this function. When an emergency contact calls, a short message appears on the display informing you of the GPS tracking. You can then cancel the tracking!

For this function, it is particularly important that the phone number of the emergency contact is entered in accordance with the international standard.


This function is only available in the app version that you can download from our homepage! Unfortunately, Google Play does not allow us the necessary authorisations that would be required for this function.

You can also use this function to find your device again if you have lost it. A message with the location will then be sent to the stored emergency contacts if one of the emergency contacts calls your device. If necessary, inform the emergency contacts so that they can tell you the location of the device.